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Kurtis Barnett has been passionate about sharing strategies to make and manage money ever since he ordered a financial course at the age of 12 in Fort Dodge, IA. With a marketing degree from the University of Northern Iowa, he moved to Orange County, CA. He began a relentless career search for a financial services firm that allowed him to help everyone ... but most firms catered to only the wealthiest 3% of the population. He hoped to instruct middle income people -- those most needing his help -- in financial planning. Failing to find such a firm, he went to work instead in real estate finance.   Eventually, he and two colleagues formed The Financial Architects (TFA), a full-service firm to teach middle income people the tips and tricks to finally win at the money game. The rules of the “money game,” which dominate America’s financial history, are a mystery to most of the middle class ... How can anyone play, let alone win, a game without knowing the rules?  Kurtis has also been asked to be a speaker for the non-profit bureau, The Society of Financial Awareness (SOFA).  TFA & SOFA are dedicated to providing financial literacy regardless of your net worth or income. Kurtis is the proud son of Dean & Jean Barnett, and has two sisters, Kayla & Karen.  All who still live in Iowa, where Kurtis visits them many times per year.